Another Bonanza!

Fellas, fellas! Once again I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying what I consider to be one of my most triumphant, nasty outings! I learned yesterday that there’s no better place to chikan than an overcrowded outdoor music festival on a blistering-hot day. On my way down to the venue I see so, somany sets of shortstgat I’m dizzy with anticipation. The pic I posted was just a tease, I count have posted hundreds, probably 1,000’s like that one.
I posted her because she was the first that I absolutely destroyed with my bare member. Not just once- when night fell I happened to run across her again, and that’s when I left my seed on her, but not before I got ahold of her friend first.
Both girls were blondes, both about 5’11”, which lined-up perfectly for me. I was wearing the pajama shorts I posted a pic of a while back, no underwear, which meant my member was falling out of the opening everytime I stiffened up, which was off and on all afternoon an into the night.
I cannot exagerate how easy it was to rub my member in between a countless number of bare women’s limbs! In addition to the two friends, it was a continuous stream of skin coming my way. All nationalities, sizes, and varying degrees of cooperation. At one point the two friends I switched back and forth on, shoving my bare Dick under those shorts up in that ass and sometimes between that meat! When I felt like I might cum, I just backed Of and just palmed cheeks or thighs in either hand, a different girl in either.
Those girls I started off with and then went back to later. In the meantime I was moving as the crowds got thicker. That is why I couldn’t get a lot of pictures-it was way too packed. At one time i stumbled on another set of friends with the same attributes, but one was a brunette. I couldn’t believe how complacent all of them were with their bodies! I shoved my dick up her ass within 5 minutes of fondling her thighs, and she acted like it was nothing.
As the show came down to the closer, I had to really step it up. I had been holding back too much, but now I wanted to let it all go. The first set of girls I left pre cum on-holding the tip of my tool against them and swiping it across their skin. I can imagine it looked like a snails slime on them! But now I needed a target I could have my way with, and before the closer came on I found the girl in the shorts again. She was with a guy this time who was trying to hold on to her but I pushed him to the side and went to work. Holding her left thigh steady with my left hand, I held my dick with my right hand and rubbed it inside her thigh, right under that fold that staters those cheeks. She had to know I was going for it now! I wasn’t subtle, I just did it. When I nutted it went down the inside of her leg, down to her knee!
After I did it I rested, but then the guy asked me to switch places with him. I’ll contin later...

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