Visiting my cousin in Mexico (WARNING: she may be 18 years old)

The most unexpected thing occured for me this past week. I went to visit my cousins in Mexico (Im half and half) and I didn't really plan on groping or anything, I had a concert coming up this late September so I was just prepping myself and letting my member rest.

I went to my cousins home, pretty different from where I live, a bit rural, I say my greetings and I meet my cousin, the last time I saw her she was a kid, now she recently turned 18 and I won't lie, this depriving myself of any groping or humping has taken a toll on me, making me see her in a more sexual light.

Since this was a huge family gathering in a small house I ended up having to share this room with my cousin. I figured I was going to sleep on the floor but she said there was enough room on the bed. So we ended up sleeping in the same bed. She also said it was okay I sleep in my boxers!

In the middle of the night, half-asleep I feel this warm sensation on my dick, as if something was pushing my member up and down. I half consciously opened my eyes and genuinely felt scared (like an instinct kicking in) due to it being dark, but that's when I saw my cousin, after my eyes adjusted to the pitch darkness was on top of me and dry humping me! I mumbled "Qué estás haciendo?" (What are you doing) and she told me in Spanish "What does it look like? You had a hard-on and I needed dick" its kinda difficult to explain spanish expressions, but she basically was saying she's horny.

I just let her do her thing, she had small sweatpants-like shorts on so I felt her beautifully, she slooowly and smoothly moved up and down on my crotch. She would go forward and back while keeping my dick aimed at her pussy, she began to give out small moans, oh my God, this was an amazing feeling, I was really close to busting a load in my boxers.
She began moving her whole lower body faster and faster, she laughed when she looked at my euphoric face and told me "okay to cum" in broken english.

We heard a door open and she immediately got down under our cobija. It was our grandma just going to the bathroom down the hall. All I could think about was that nut I almost had! I couldn't control my dick though, it just shrunk and didn't want to get hard anymore for some stupid fucking reason.
Under our cobija she moved her hand under my boxers and tried giving me a handjob but said "You're weak" in spanish and remarkes "otro día".
All I could think was "fucking shit!" This whole cousin dynamic really turned me on too.

After that my sex drive was crazy, in the house she would give me these looks that made me just wanna fucking hump her brains out. She would seductively move her legs and show her ass to me to tease me.

There was a dance festival coming into the neighboring city and our parents recommended we go specifically me to get into my Mexican culture. Damn straight, I'm gonna get into my heritage DEEPLY.

This festival had a lot going on and even had a platform where musicians would play music, basically a concert but less structured. It was packed, it seemed everyone from the city and neighboring towns joined in the heat!
I was actually of thinking of ditching my cousin and just dancing with some local girls, which I did for a while hehe.

She went to the bathroom and I immediately just went deep into the crowd and casually just went beyond a thick 20 something year old Mexicana and struck up a conversation. I forget how easier it is to socialize in this part of Mexico. I asked if we could dance and she said yeah. She began to push her ass into my groin immediately and began moving her ass in a circle motion and transition from up and down to pushing her whole ass into my dick.
Fuck I forget how much better it is down here, or easier at least! My dick being beaten down by this holy ass! Being pushed and juggled everywhere, my tip, I feel pre-cum under my shorts. That's when I decided to release my hard member into the wild. I let my naked dick rest on her dancing ass and BY GOD! I WAS CLOSE TO CLIMAXING ON HER ASS ALREADY! I just told myself "oh shit oh shit" so warm and so soft and phat oh my God. One of the most amazing humps I've had in such a long time. I couldn't hold it in and BUSTED MY LOAD WHILE SHE DANCED ON ME she wasn't stopping and my cum just went everywhere on her ass, legs, and some even flew on her back. My jizz was thick and white! Really noticable! I moaned pretty loudly and that's when she turned back and saw my face and felt her ass with her hand and acidentally touched my soaking penis.
She just said a bit angrily "Pinche pendejo!" Which sort of translates to "fucking asshole" or any insulting angry expression really. And pushed me and went to the bathroom. Everything just felt so calm and relaxed here! I didn't feel scared or anything it was great.

I tried finding another booty but I ended up finding my cousin, she asked where I was in spanish and I exclaimed she took too long. Either way she started dancing at me and my dick just needed more! She was wearing soft sweatpants and I took my dick out in the beginning, I'm here to nut in her booty. She was a pretty great dancer too, she just needed a more bigger ass really. She moved like an animal, she pushed her ass towards me trying to get a feel of her own, I push my dick into her crack, her whole body shook when i did this but she kept going, not i was fixed into her booty hole. I tried going as deep as I could until some dude acidentally pushed me which made my whole dick become gobbled up in my small cousin's ass! I fucking blew up in her crack. She kept dancing though, I'm sure she knew and didn't mind.

She continued dancing and we had a good time, I ended up fingering her later on and even more.

After a whole week with my cousin me and my family went back home.

Goddamn such a memorable week.
When I got home I asked her if she can give me a picture as a memory of her and she said "Come back again sometime (;" in Spanish and sent this picture with the shorts she wore when she humped me at night.

Hope you wear travellers enjoyed this story.

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