Re: Buttmasher

Haha! Have I? Hell yes! Had one at a huge festival years ago- a corn-fed sister too. She wasn’t fat- not at all. But she was built right. I started in on her in the crowd, way back from the stage, where it wasn’t even packed. But her ass was so perfect that I had to have it. So I snuck up on her real slow and easy. But after a while when it started getting a little more packed I applied nor movement. That’s when she turned the tables on a brother! It was getting good but I didn’t want to nutt yet, so I backed off. She was having none of that! She would backup until we were docked again. So I tried to keep a rhythm going where I could get a pause in to recoup, but she kept increasing the friction. At one point I actually leaned into her ear and told her she was gonna make me cum if she didn’t slowdown. Shit, she shifted into 3rd gear, then 4th! She milked every bit of juice out that tool of mines! It was 3 decades ago, but I still get a hardon just recounting that one!

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