Weird Chikan Experience!!

Well my Chikan brothers, I had a very weird experience today!! I was on my usual hunt and to my utter luck, there was a bus strike that took place at rush hour!! I was really worked up and wanted nail and nutt deep inside some bubble booty cos' the buses were extremely crowded!!
Got inside a very crowded bus and had my eye on a nice booty. From the time I got inside the bus, I started giving it to her hard and slow. Ahhhhh yeah!! But today seemed to be different my brothers!! Meaning she was a PLAYER with a Capital P, LOLZ!! After about 2 minutes of me humping her, she started to back her ass up into me really hard and gave me that knowing sly smile and backed up her head into my chin and started moving it up and down!!!!
I was like WTF!! She was really turned on and started chikaning me!! lolz!! I kid you not, this is my first EVER experience like this on public transport!! But the funny thing is that,I immediately didn't feel like chikaning her anymore and backed off and got off the bus.
Pretty unique experience if you ask me!! Any of you chikans been in a similar situation?? Pls do Share your experiences if you have!!

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