Groping in my early teens (WARNING: she may be 13 years old)

When I was about 15 I went to the mall to do some groping. This is where I met this 13 year old, I just really wanted to feel some ass so I just did backhands at first while she was in an aisle with her mom. After a while she didn't really seem annoyed about it. I decided to palm her small ass and she reacted with a big smile. I'm guessing she took this as a sign of attraction. I continued to feel her ass with my hands as I swiped from right to left to the crack like always. I can begin to feel some warm wetness around her lower ass.
I basically stuck to her and would bent down to press my groin to her ass whenever passing her by. Her mother was usually in another aisle. It felt pretty great, very firm and enjoyable for my penis.
But I wanted to release, I was very horny, so I jerked myself until climax and showered her back and ass with my cum. She felt it a bit after and her eyes shot up, she realized what it was and looked back at me with my hand on my cock under my pants and decided to move far away from me.
I didn't take a picture of it due to my surprise and stunned at what I just did.

So about a year later when I was a junior I saw her during lunch early in the school year, I was fucking panicking, as if she was gonna tell everybody what I did and imagined myself getting shunned. But luckily she never said anything to anyone. I ended up talking to her and we had our laughs discussing what I did, she said she was shocked but was turned on by it when thinking about it later that same day.
I ended up just groping her when I could. Some people thought we were together but it was just more like friends with benefits.
I took this picture right before I started groping her. I tend to do that with most of my targets.

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