Re: FlippingPenguin

Here’s an answer: I went to a huge festival back in the mid 90’s. Had the usual good time with several targets- one in particular was a really dingy-acting blonde that I absolutely abused. I worked her I tandem with this other guy working her from the other side. We had her in a sandwich, dicking the shit outta her. It was so bad I remember her commenting on how she was being squeeyfrom all sides.
Fast-forward 3 years. I’m working for a small company that was in the process of hiring a team, and one day in comes the girl! I was so nervous that day I couldn’t eat lunch! But she never put it together. What ended up happening was we became pretty good friends. Just friends. But it got even more surreal. When Christmas came the company had parties that the spouses came to. My wife ended up meeting her and laughing and having a good time with her! Now while she was working there I had a few chances to grind on her from time to time. She was just a dumb blonde. I even chikanned the owners daughter, another knockout she blonde! She ended up having a crush on me and her daddy got rid of me.

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