Good morning chikans!

I was laying in bed this morning thinking about my upcoming outing and it led me to think about how I got to this moment. Well chikans, that road has been a long and adventurous one! I thought of all the situations I’ve been in, the vast majority being extremely satisfying, and I settled on reminiscing on some moreout-of-this-world experiences.
When I think of the past it comes down to 4 periods that define my chikan-life as it is now:
There’s high school, college/beach life, discovering “pay for play”, and festivals/concerts. Right now I’ll talk about “pay-for-play”, in other words, hoes!
When I got out of a long bitter relationship, as I think I mentioned here before, I decided to just pay for my fantasy’s. I wanted no drama with a real relationship. And since it was at a time when HIV was all the talk, I knew I had to be extra careful. Naturally, being a chikan worked into this choice of lifestyle. I could get a hoe to just watch me, or just lay there and let me rub it all over her, cum, and never have to come in contact with her bodily fluids at all. The only one exchanging fluids would be me, as I busted a nut on her thighs, buttocks, titties, and sometimes face! It was a helluva learning experience, as I had multiple girls tell me what they thought of me and my habit. A lot of the the time I was shocked by their reactions. Many were fascinated at the thought of me just wanting to cum on them and not in them. I always had to remind them that I DID want to cum in them, but I was not going to take that chance. I even had one beg me to fuck her! Imagine that. Here was a prostitute that I’m paying begging me for the Dick! I got off on her more than most, because for some strange reason I enjoyed the fact that I was gonna leave my cum on her beautiful thigh even though she would rather it in her. I told girls sometimes what I do at festivals, and they would call me “freak”, to which I would agree. I told them I just love to cum, and they’d finally get it and even say it was sexy. There was one stretch where I did this everyday for a few years. It was a lot of bitches! Some of them more than once. I had one that would anticipate receiving her “milk”, and one that would ask me to please let her know when I was about to cum so she could hold it in her hand and watch the “volcano” erupt! That would make her shiver every time! So where I’m at today with this chikan-thing took a bunch of twists and turns, but I know that girls are much different about that Dick than they let on to be. I am stoked at the thought of what lays ahead in the next few weeks!

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