Rave Player

Just got back from my festival a while ago and had some awesome success. Of all the girls I chikaned that day the one that stuck out to me was one that was actually a player and if I hadn't already cum twice that night before she'd definitely be worthy of my load. She was a thick Spanish girl in a romper (just my luck, especially since my last story was with a girl in a romper!) who was there with two other guys, one Indian & the other Asian.

I was on the sideline for a while, watching her shake her ass and throw it back in a circle and I wanted a piece! Judging by the conversation and body language she was only friends with the guys and none of them were her boyfriend, but I could tell the Indian dude was trying hard to make some sort of romantic connection and failing. Despite not being in a relationship with any of the guys she stood tightly knit with them, keeping close and not straying far. I eyed the Indian friend who was standing behind her close enough to grope, but obviously not taking the risk/chance to. He was my main obstacle between her since the Asian guy stood by her side or in front of her, but that would change soon...

We were at the main stage and a band finished playing so waves of people started leaving and entering the crowd. I used the opportunity to get up behind her as the Indian guy got lost several people behind in the shuffle. Another band came on and she started dancing which caused to press up on my cock. She gave no reaction and even gave me side glances. Several songs later I could tell she was a player as she would start shaking her ass while running her fingers through her hair while smurking and giving a side glance to make sure I'm behind her while she's backing up on me. Shaking her ass in circles had me on constant rotation from her cheeks to her ass crack and I was loving every second of it. That is until the jealous Indian friend came in.

He must have seen what was going on and tried to intervene. He caught up with her and told her something about going to get something to drink. She casually dismissed him, not really caring if he made it back into the crowd, as long he didn't interrupt (us) lol. We continued our silent game with one another until it got dark. Asian guy was getting closer to us and she tried to send him off to get her a drink but shortly after she asked the Indian guy came back and both guys were really close now after probably catching onto me so I cut my losses and got up behind these two hot Indian girls wearing tight shorts. I even mustered to cum on one of them, but I would have saved it if I knew what would happen next.

While groping I saw the Spanish girl from before, slowly being separated from her friends again. While singing lyrics and bobbing to the music we locked eyes and made another silent exchange of lust I'm guessing now looking back on it. After gazing at one another I continued groping the Indian girl until I noticed the Spanish girl slowly but surely getting closer and closer with each passing song. I knew it wasn't a coincidence as there was ample space to move forward and get closer to the front of the crowd, yet she was inching her way towards my direction to the right. They were a good number of tall people in front of me so coming in my direction would only block her view of the stage so I knew she was on a mission for my dick instead lmao.

She would frequently make eye contact with me through songs indicating she was on her way. I waited things out since I could barely move on my side. Late into the night I finally moved forward enough with enough space for barely one person in front of me, but a whole open space to the right of me to get further up into the crowd. She was only one person away from on the left side and as I made eye contact again I took a step back to see if she'd take the bait. Basically making enough space for her to plant herself in front of me so I could VIP access to that ass. Her annoying friends were lost way back in the crowd and after making eye contact with me she didn't even bother looking back for them.

Much to my expectation and pleasure she inched over to the right, positioning herself directly in front of me. She continued to side glance in amusement and smiling when in contact with my dick. At one I wasn't positioned well enough to get her ass and was rubbing up against her clutch purse, so she was kind enough to move it front of her so I could grope her easier.

Not saying a word to each other we continued until the end of the concert knowing full well what we were doing. That's what makes it so enticing is that it wasn't full on consensual, but taking a risk that paid off and led to an exciting night. I could have asked her to dance or made any sort of verbal interaction but the anonymity of it all is what gets the heart (and dick) racing.

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