Gatoman whereabouts

I think our chikan brotheren Gatoman07 has either been caught or deleted his profile on Xvideos and Xnxx. Luckily his videos are still up but not his account so he may not upload anymore I'm not sure.
Does anyone know if his account is active on another channel?

Also replying to RED DRAGON, I see why you disliked the story. It was half about fucking and half about chikaning, it should of been full on chikan. Though there was chikaning st rhe very end I do understand since my writing style is very long and wordy so I apologize for that.

I might share some more stories but they may be of my young teen years compared to my early 20s.

Also here's the picture of my ex before we broke up, she isn't as phat as described in my story due to her losing a great amount of weight.

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