London Tubes

Hi Brothers

Summer in London was great. I spent 3 weeks on business everyday I squashed myself into the rush hour carriages pressing myself against the english office girls. The best spots in London to press your groin into womens buttocks are

Central Line between Liverpool St and Bank
Victoria line coming from Green Park
District Line from Fulham Broadway

Best times are mornings around 830am. District line is great you can wait for the hot totties to line up waiting for their trains at fullham broadway when the carriage arrives they squash on.

I wait till the ladies get on then jump on behind them jamming my groin into their juicy buttocks. Smelling their beautifuly washed hair so nice. I managed to wrap my arms around one office girl to hold onto the bar. I was pressed against her brothers it was a delight.

I remember one post that i read that describes tube trains as mobile brothels its easy sex as the girls are all models.

Will share more adventures soon

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