Wife got it bad

my Wife got it bad the othe day, I felt terrible for her but the story really fuckin turned me on. Which one of you sickos was it?

My wife works In central London and commutes on the tube. She had been chinkaned many times before but this time was the worse.

She’s a young lady early 30s. White brunette slim body and looks after herself. She dresses smart as she works in HR so usually wears a business suit, which is skirt, blouse and jacket. Her skirt is a blue Lycra tight fit one with a split up the back, it comes really highly she often has to pull it down to stop showing too much back thigh. And it’s very tight it clings to her bum and things ask ally bodycon. - very sexy.

So here’s what she told me- all the while, while I pretended it didn’t turn me on...she said the tube was really packed due to severe delays. So she waited at the platform in the queue. She noticed a middle aged Indian man kept observing her and working his way closer. She said he looked suspicious. But for some reason she didn’t think in her head what he was planned. She said he was looking at people on the platform standing around casually. Her first instinct was that he was pickpocket so she took her bag and place it in beside her to the font rather than back (she very naive). She said there was 2 minutes until the train and the platform was really busy, she was near the front and somehow he had managed to get behind her, now she realised what was going to happen, but she could not escaped as she was right by the front of the platform and it was impossible to back up. She explained that the platform guard kept telling people to back up behind the yellow line so she did and said the Indian guy was so close Behind her she was now in full contact against his croutch. And that he was clearly wearing thin trousers and no pants as his penis was ‘fully aroused’ and upright poking into her. She said she couldn’t do anything but could feel his hand constantly bumping into her bum where he was touching himself trying g get a better angle and that ‘he was pushing it really hard, using the crowd as a cover .

She said the train arrived and as people got off and people pushed to get on she could feel his back presses against hers. She tried to get away but he plastered himself to her, ‘shoe horniing her on’ she said she tried to turn but he trapped her with his arms blocking her from turning and that he was too quick. She was stuck with ‘his dick up her arse’ she said she felt him keep adjusting and he became more brazen, forcing it up her a dragging it across her bum, and purposely making it throb on her. She said she felt disgusting and helpless and Like a piece of meat. I asked her what else happened and said the train stayed in a tunnel for at least 2 minutes. And the the Indian must has exposed his penis and said she said ‘his erection felt different. And more closely contacted’ she Dias it felt bare and she could tell he has it out but the way it felt against her bum. She said he not his hands in front of him, resting his side hands against her while he continued to go at her. ‘Just constantly pushing and shoving and dry humping’ (her words). She said as the train approached the next stop she felt him adjust a d he must have put it away.

She continued as people got off and on, a white man in a suit got on and stood behind her and took the Indians place. She said he used the surge of people to crush against her and def could feel his penis on her. I asked her to explain and she said he didn’t have a full erection but he has it full wedged on her, she said he apologised in her ear whispering sorry, she said she doesn’t know why but as she couldn’t think straight and felt so helpless she actually said ‘that ok’ even though she was raging inside and felt so sick and disgusted. She said as the train went on he made no effort to move off her and she felt hin Growing hard. And that wasn’t as afresh e as the Indian man, but he kept it against her tight packed for the duration and that a few times in, when the train jerked she would feel his dick pulsate with excitement. She said he had the insides of his thighs touching the outsides of hers, and his feet where’s fully wrapped around both of her, forcing her legs shut tightly together. She said he finally backed off 2 stop later but stayed on the train just looking at her with a shit eating grin until she got off.

She said she reckons the second guy had probably observed the Indian and took advantage of the fact she didn’t stop it or complain. She said after she got off the train, she felt the fresh air on her a dog riches the back of her skirt and said it felt damp. She ad nothing on her so had to get to work having touched it, and went to the toilets and leaned herself off.

I asked her if she would throw her skirt away after this and she said no, and that she will have it properly dry cleaned. I said that’s ok, and that its was a waste to throw it away anywsy. And she said she wouldn’t throw it away ‘just because of that’. She wanted a hug and affection but I needed sex badly.

Eventually she agreed to do it and I fucked her really hard. I think she thought I was angry and needed to own her. But I wasn’t I just needed to think about her experience as I used her and cunwuthin 30 seconds.

I asked her how the whole thing made her feel and she said humiliated and scene can’t wash the feeling of the Indians man eeection ofc her. She said it happened before but they have never been so brazen.

I asked her if she will say anything in the future and she said she would try but she couldn’t promise. She said it so embarrassing and people don’t help. So I asked fhtger abs said - so you’d let it happen? She said she’d. Try and move further away next time if she can or place her shoulder bag more behind her. But she continued that if they really want to do it they will, it’s inpos to stop them.

God I love my wife she’s so naive. Whoever it was please get her again.

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