Re: BigT

Well, it's in a different part of the world that most of us probably don't know the laws of. Plus we don't know the details 100%, like he could have been humping her shoulder like a dog without a care in the world. But clearly his biggest mistake was going after a target that felt uncomfortable enough to move away. He obviously lacks that heightened detection of body language many veteran chikans have.

I've been able to bust on a girl while she was in the middle of talking to her boyfriend undetected many times, so I believe it was more on his part being clueless than anything. Also, I've never groped in a bus or train before but the fact that you seemingly have no place to escape if worse comes to worse really irks me. The video of that fiery redhead putting that dude on blast for rubbing up on her with his dick out in the train will be forever embedded in my head. I watched that video before I even started groping (maybe even before I started watching videos on it) and it was so hard to watch without cringing.

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