First time post I want to share. Imagine this: you’re at a packed festival, it’s night, and you have your tool out and jammed in a 17 year olds asscheeks. This happened to me last year and I need to tell my experience. I went to this festival hoping to nutt on some young ass and boy did I get more than expected. This blond was no more than 17 and hot. It was super packed at this festival (EDM) and I had been having a ball but now it’s night and time to get real nasty. I made it into a super packed area in front of the stage and was lucky to stumble on a girl with those shorts that women joggers mostly wear. Real thin and short with ass hanging out and almost allowing you to see pussy hair. I’m quick to get on it because I’m so horny and she’s letting me jab her in her rear without protest. She can barely move its so tight. I’m riding it as she dances to the music but then the crowd shifts and I end up facing her. The shorts are incredible: I’m holding her left cheek in my hand and now pressing my hard on into her left groin. She’s looking past me like everything is A-okay. That’s when I said I’m gonna really get nasty. Imagine this chikans: I bent down and positioned my fully exposed Dick in the 12 o’clock position. Then pressed against her thigh and slowly rubbed it up into her groin, right under her shorts! Ten seconds like this (I could feel her pussy hairs rubbing the head of my tool) and then I exploded! She stopped moving as if she was just gonna let me finish so she could get back to dancing! I finished and then ran my hand under there to feel my cum in her groin! Makes me hard every time I think about that little slut! She was the best target I ever had. Hope I can one day repeat that.

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