Re: Narflarf/popular strippers

Your popular stripper comment reminded me of one I experienced years ago. If you’ve ever seen the movie “Colors”, about gang life in L.A., then you should remember the scene towardsthe end of the movie where one of the gangbangers is throttling a chick and the cops (Sean Penn) breaks in while they are doing the wild thing and shots the brother. Well, the girl in that scene used to work at one of the popular strip clubs at the time (80’s). More than one I got her to lap dance for me, busted huge nuts (wearing thin workout clothing even then) on her that she had to clean up, and smirked at her when I did it! When I saw that movie with my girl of that time I almost blew it! Shit, we left the movie and I took her ass and gave it a black eye! Man, talk about the nutty professor! That was me back then homie! I couldn’t nutt enough!

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