Bonus beauty

I also forgot to mention that while I was at the club last week with the Indian girls staring at my bulge I managed to grope this girl as well. I found her online commenting on a post by the nightclub I go to and saw one of her pics was her wearing the outfit she had on at the club. I was sitting at the bar and she ordered next to me between the bar stool on my left and her thighs were so thick that she was rubbing up against my leg. At that point the sex pill I took started a while ago really kicked in, and cock started growing rapidly and snaking across my left leg. It was positioned so the head was facing her thigh and digging into her booty. I love how local model hoes come to the club every now and then. Reminds me of that time I groped a chick with an extreme ass at the club only to find out later she's a wildly popular stripper near the area.

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