Yo man I did actually! I would list the summaries of my 2 favorite stories of the many.

I was in the snack line in the Basement where all students go and get snack with my friends Leo and Ben. I see a little further ahead is Leo cousin aka Phat Ass name is Y for this story not because she is fat it's because her ass is PHAT. She's of Asian and White descent. I don't know if you would call her a PAWG. Ok here's where things turn tricky as basically the whole school is down here and the VP. I am also pretty popular as athlete and honors. So there's like a couple people around her. Ben and Leo interact with each other and I look like I'm just tired with the line doing some pushing around slide to the left and right you know how it is. I just can't seem to get to her. Suddenly the other Athletes start bumrushing the line and making their way to the front and me being the opportunist I end up right when Y was backing up her Ass on to my boner in my pants. I would like to say I was wearing black trackpants. The sensation was amazing her monster of a ass came crashing into my dick. I could feel her asscrack. She was wearing the most closefitting pants I ever saw. I would also like to mention she's the school thot. The crowd is huge in the main halls as we lead from the second entrance into this main halls. I see the VP ahead. I know Y is going anywhere with this crowd as it's shoulder to shoulder. I took my hand in pocket positioned my dick out of my boxers and pointed forward towards the crack. Ohh ohh i needed the momentum going so I observed around some random people minding their own business. I then noticed her kinda cute friend V right beside her and she has a phat ass too. I like Y phat ass better. I grabbed V ass with my right hand as the left in my pants. It's hella crowded noway for them to look behind. She didn't do anything. I then positioned my thumb in the crack and slowly massaged her asscheeks with my fingers. Fuck I noticed the line moving slowly so I grabbed Y by the waist and bringed her into my me. I moved my dick inwards with a thrust motion. Let my dick enjoy all the ass. Moved my hands downwards and touched her legs. Then i was ready to let loose so i pushed forward this time grabbed her waist and let it soak in my pants. Her ass was too pleasurable and knowing she's letting me do this was awesome. Y was silent as ever as I groped her before. I was weak in the knees and fuck was the grope good. I thought I stained my pants but remembered i was wearing Black. I observed looking like a guilty man around but I gain back the confidence. We were making our way forward and there we reach the Vice Principal like where she's standing. I know the VP is oblivious to shit and I was still into Y and V asses so I handgroped both. I didn't gave a fuck. I also know the school doesn't have no cameras in the basement. We were closing in to get Chocolate milk thank god i was thirsty and you guys know the part where there's this closeup aisle part really tight and that's where you get food. Yeah Y ass almost took up the width of that. So I "bumped" into her groin to ass. Those cheeks felt good as I felt a little jiggle. No reaction and I quickly let a light slap on her right asscheek when she looked back and smiled. I smiled back. We got our chocolate milk and coincidentally enough to the class we have together.

I gotta summarize this story quickly as I gotta go. It was picture day left class with Josh. We spotted s and I and they were racing ahead of us. Josh was laughing as he and I think they are a little cute. So suddenly we reach and I noticed S and I stopped looked at something and I lied when he said whats up man ready to go in I said no going to drink some water and when we went in positioned myself in the second line behind Sop who was wearing close fitting pants. I was wearing track pants black but look like suit pants cargo pants. It was thin. Josh was in the front of the 1st line. I then just let loose on S ass buttfucking her like no tomorrow as these girls never say a word to anyone so I know I was safe. I didn't get to nut but when we reached the front I gave her a full ass grab and in my head I was like go get them haha when she was going to get her picture shot. Coincidentally enough me and her friend I bumped into each other recently in the mall. She too has a phat ass but besides handswipes never got my dick in. We been texting and I think she likes me. I don't want my senior year to end this year but hopefully i get to go out on a blast with tons of groping this year. S is a Pawg while I is a Spanish ting. Thanks for reading.

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