Yeah guys, rompers are GREAT for chikan butt fucking girls. I remember I wrote this little piece a few years ago and posted the following video:

"The cute brunette who I butt fucked in the college bar had on some thin 'rompers' like in Trendy's upskirt video here. You can see how THIN that clothing is and look at how her ass crack is accentuated . . . just like the one I cornholed . . . had my fuckin' swollen boner out and all up IN her CHEEKS!"

Here's the full account I wrote:

DICK all up IN her CHEEKS!!! (Sat 03 Sep 2016 06:42:08 GMT)

Well it's early September, so you all know what that means right kids? Yes, that's it! It's time to go back to school, and universities all across the land have opened their doors for the fall semester. Time for some pretty, white college girls to get chikan butt fucked!

Went to my favorite bar for cornholing college coeds. Ever since I discovered this place, it has never, ever let me down. Not even once! I score at least one nut during the night each time I go. And last night . . . I spermed twice my friends :-)

The first girl to get me off was a cute brunette wearing some SUPER THIN clothing. Her butt wasn't what I would call a "plumper", but the thinness of her clothes made up for that. Had my dick out and was all up in between her tender ass cheeks "off and on" so to speak throughout the night. Would pin her up against the bar in the overcrowded joint and slow grind her DEEP inside of her anal crevice!

Either she just didn't care or was too tipsy to react. I don't know. All's I know is that when I nutted, I was actually plastered to her back with my dick jammed between her tender butt cheeks while she and a friend tried to navigate through the crowd. I was hunchin' her up the butt like a big doggy and nutted to a spine-tingling crescendo!

Saw her several more times over the evening and "took liberties" by shoving a stiff boner up into her anal cavity. In fact, I saw the girl outside when I was leaving, and she saw me too. As she was making a call or sending a message on her phone I thought to myself as I looked at her, "I had my DICK all up IN your ass, and CAME!"

And here is an excerpt from yet another story where I describe the pleasures of chikan butt fucking another girl wearing super thin black rompers:

CORNHOLED COLLEGIATE CO-EDS! (Mon 19 Sep 2016 11:15:37 GMT)

Went to my favorite bar for butt fucking white college girls last Saturday night and, as last time I was there, SPERMED TWICE! Place has never let me down! Not once! Batting 1000 up in there!

The first girl I got a quality ass fuck off of was a cute brunette wearing thin black rompers (must be the style). She was standing at the packed bar next to a guy trying to order, and I was right behind her. Had my dick out and resting gently on her right butt cheek. This place is great for bar butt fucking since there is a mirror on the wall behind the bar where you can actually see your target's face!

I was able to watch her face as I slowly got hard on her soft buttocks and then shifted over into her warm butt crack and was feeling ALL of her! I got fully hard and slowly and gently began to get me a pecker massage between her college girl arse cheeks . . . no reaction on her face, and then she closed her eyes and rested her head on the guy's shoulder . . . slooooooow and eaaaaaaasy and ruuuuuuuuuuuub and grrriiiiiiiiiind and get in between her cheeks into her aaaaaaaaassssss orifice and speeeeerrrmmmmmmm AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!! Got the nut bros, but it wasn't a big one. And it was still early. Decided to stay and look for another piece of ass!


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