Concert cum & club bulge flash

Just came back from a concert last night which went awesome. Was behind these two white girls most of the night. The first one was wearing one of those thin summer dresses, and the material felt like a handkerchief it was so thin! Her friend was showing her something on her phone and she leaned in to look. When she did it perked her ass out and backed it into my dick. The warmth from being inside her crack made my dick throb wildly, and some people in front of them were passing through to leave the crowd and she shifted herself out the way to make room, pressing further onto me. At that point I felt like a ventriloquist, but with my dick up her ass instead of my hand up a puppet's ass lmao.

She caught on and whispered something to her friend and then swapped places with her. What a good friend, she doesn't want to get groped so she puts her friend in the way to take the fall for her. Her friend was wearing one of the one-piece romper jumpsuit things (I'll post a picture of an example of what I mean in the story) which was really thin too.

The cover band started to come on and all the lights dimmed for a couple seconds. This period of time at concerts is very brief but in my opinion the optimal opportunity for groping and/or cumming at that moment. It's pitch black before the main artist comes on, and everyone is riled up in anticipation. I took that opportunity to rub up against her ass until I came over her left cheek. She went to put her hand on her side or pocket and got a handful of my cum on her hand. I saw her showing the sticky handful to her friend in disdain. Pretty sure she knew it wasn't just a spilled drink lol.

After the concert I went to the club and I took a sex pill just for kicks. Didn't think it'd work (especially after just cumming half an hour ago) but to my surprise it worked fantastically and gave me a raging hard on like I've never experienced before! I saw a group of Indian girls dancing together and one of them looked down and became wide eyed at my boner.

She grabbed her friend by the arm and yelled at her to look and it became a chain until every girl in the group (about 6 or 7) were all giggling like schoolgirls. One girl was in disbelief yelling at the top of her lungs "that Can't be his dick!". That same girl even pulled me to the side and asked me what that was in my pants. Got to dance/grope half the group that night and although I didn't get to cum at the club the bulge flashing more than made up for it, on top of groping dozens of girls as well. Can't wait until the festival soon!

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