So many fucking asses

Goddamn. I have so much ass available my dick can’t handle the amount of action my wilin brain about to get. So many targets. My persona is the fucking shit goddamn. God it feels good to be in predator mode again. All these bitches smiling at me. Why the fuck are you smiling at me? I groped you at homecoming. I groped you while we were walking for an assembly. I groped you in a game of soccer. I groped and groped and groped and groped. Gawd the human mind is so fucking puzzling yet clear at times. My teacher crush is my actual teacher now and she wears skirts. Legs are fine af. Wanna upskirt for her ass, but this bullshit rule about no phones is in my way. Girl I groped at homecoming openly talking to me for shits and giggles. Girl I groped during soccer and got a lil too rough with giggling about the fact I’m in her class. Fuck my mind can’t even wrap around how many scenarios are being played out. Gawd Highschool is probably gonna be the king of my kink of needing a story for gropes and voyeurs. All these fucking sophomores with nice asses are probably gonna get served first since I don’t know them and they seem young and slutty. So much shit going on in my head. These hoes aren’t wearing underwear or prob wearing thongs. Girls about to get jacked. Lord let me bust one in an ass. Dis junior year crazy. Ayashi thanks for fixing this shit. I’mma repay you with classics. If I fail I’ll regret it forever so I’mma get these girls for being so focking unaware.

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