I don’t understand

Ayashi I have downloaded various browsers to see if safari was the issue I even tried to use it on my ps4. Have not tried the laptop though. Why can’t I access stories on this website. Why do I have to download stories. Archives is bricked for me. I went on DuckDuckGo to check various analysis on this website and although very interesting there seemed to be no answer to my problem. I’m even willing to sign up as a meme we just to get this site working back to normal. Help me out man or at least let this go on the board so someone else can try to explain it for me. Is nothing else different for anyone else? School is about to start so I’m going to have some juicy ass stories my junior year. Don’t wanna have to find a new board because it’s nearly impossible and I’m use to this place being my pub of the internet. Thanks to anyone with answers.

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