A day in the life of a chikan

Over the past few decades nothing makes me more excited when it comes to chikan is the countdown to another big chance to do what we do. I’m talking about big festivals where there will be big tits, booty, and daisy dukes galore! But what gets it all going is when you get that ticket! Used to be a little strip of paper that I would hold in my hand and just marvel at! Knowing what it represented when it came to pleasure for my tool just made me smile! Nowadays it’s high tech: a wristband, mailed weeks before you know you’ll be making contact with a total strangers’ tanned ass/thigh meat! Receiving a notice that “said” wristband has shipped and will soon arrive, bringing once again chances to nutt on choice targets under the cover of crushing crowds, leaving hot cum on summer-long tanned skin! Ah......the joys of a free society!

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