Re: Guest

Yeah, I'm still working on my latest video, probably won't be out until September since my festival is near the end of the month. I have a concert next week which more than likely have a story behind d it to tell.

Actually yesterday I went back to my favorite club hoping that changing my looks up a bit would help me get back in and not recognized by security. Luckily the guard who frisked me last time wasn't there so I was good to get in. I'm still a bit exhausted since it was a record for me, 3 nuts in one night. First girl was this thick Latina girl in those really loose hipster pants with the Indian design on them. They were super soft and she was waiting at the bar so I pressed up against her. A song was playing that she liked so she was shaking her hips. I tried to see if she was up for grinding so I put my hands on her waist and she gave a side glance and kinda shuffled to the side.

Since she wasn't gonna give it up willingly I poked her a bit more while she was stuck waiting for her friends to order drinks. The club was packed and she couldn't go anywhere if she wanted to so I enjoyed the situation. I actually think the guy standing to her right was groping her too because he was extremely close to her, making heavy eye contact and had both hands down near his crotch like he was adjusting himself.

Her ass in those loose pants (harem pants are what they are, just looked it up) felt divine, but I noticed her friends had finished ordering drinks and were getting ready to leave the bar area soon. Not wanting the opportunity to go to waste I pulled out my cock and let it wander across her lower back while my shaft holstered itself between the crack of her ass.

I was horny as hell that night and had groped to the point where I could feel the cold trail of precum running down my leg during the night. So when I came I released a huge load that mostly got caught in her hair since my cock was pointed up on her back, with some of my load dripping onto her pants near the crack of her ass. It was one of the best nuts I've had since my first time going to an Asian massage parlor I'd say. And seeing how this was just a warm-up for my upcoming concert and festival I'd say the night was way more successful than I'd plan it to be.

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