Groped a taken girl and made her mine

This story is about an old girlfriend from my sophomore year of College.
Let's call her Jessica. So I actually went to the same high school as Jessica, she had a PHAT ass, jiggly and would wear leggings a lot.
I remember whenever she walked pass by our group my friends would signal each other she's passing by so they can check out her ass.
I had Yearbook with her friend, it seemed Jessica had taken a liking to me, I'm not sure why but she would constantly stare at me during a science class we shared, I really had no interest in her whatsoever but just her body, so I never really talked to her.

Flash forward a few years later and she added me on Facebook, I didn't really think much about it. Just looked through full body pictures of her and jerked off a bit. Honestly I haven't been sexually active in about half a year and jerking off doesn't really do it for me. So after a month or so after she added me (I also didn't masterbait that whole month) I felt like a dog in heat, I just wanted to fuck, honestly any woman who would give me the time of day I'd probably fuck, sexual starvation is a problem for me it seems.
So I decided to solve it.
Jessica came in mind, she still had a hot phat body from the pictures I saw.
There was just one problem, she had been dating some guy for about 4 months, constant pictures on Facebook of her and him.

I got thinking into maybe swindling a date with her of some sort, the idea of taking a taken girl really turned me on and spiced up things if I had my way with her.
So I planned everything out.
First, I sent her a casual message just saying hi and that I was bored and looking for a new friend I can connect with.
She was really nice and messaged back, just messaging casually for about a week.
Just asking if she remembered me and revealed she had a crush me at one point.
I complimented her a lot and said if she wanted to hang out some time.
She said she's not sure, (she didn't say if she had a bf but she did have one)
I reassured her just as budds, plus we can reconcile for the lost moments of friendship during High School.

It took 2 hours for her to respond in which I thought I done goofed it up and tried thinking of who to hit on next, but luckily I got her message saying "Sure then! Where would you like to meet up?" and we made the plans and everything was set. The night before we decided to hangout I had a boner, this was Night Wood, I couldn't let it get settled down so I almost had no sleep, I didn't want to lose this month of built up and satisfaction.

The day came and we hanged out, in reality I think there was a lot of sexual tension between us, I genuinely just wanted to fuck her brains out but held myself back knowing full well being blatant won't work. Actually we went to the arcade, we were playing that one hit the mole game, of course I took advantage of this and pushed my groin to her phat ass, it felt wonderful, I sighed in pleasure as if my dick found a new home, I did the windshield move and moved my dick across her ass. I think she got a bit uncomfortable though and moved to another game. I remember we did have a good time, it felt more like a date than just two friends hanging out.
After that "date" I managed to convince her to visit my apartment under the pretense that I had a lot of movies and books.

Now we're in my apartment, in the living room, sitting on the couch together, just talking about nothing really, with a raging desire to fuck her.
I decided to tell her that I actually really thought she was beautiful and that I never approached her in school due to thinking she wouldn't like me (of course this was false, I just wanted her to put her guard down) and she seemed shocked and happy by this revelation. I got closer slowly, and slowly, I put my hand on her leg and kiss her slowly, a minute later she says "Wait wait wait" I then grab her face look at her eyes. I didn't say anything, she stopped and proceeded to kiss her again, she tried stopping it again and sayd "Wait I have" I held her hand quickly and said I love her and that I always did. She was speechless and we proceeded to kiss again.
Next thing I knew I found my hand under her shit on her right boob, she also had massive boobs so that was a big plus.
I took off her bra and felt her boobs fully.
By now I had one of the biggest hard ons of all time.
I started taking her shirt off and she took mine off.
Next thing we knew we were on my bed naked.

Finally dick inside her.
Twitching completely
I had the face of euphoria and happiness
It felt amazing.
It felt as if my whole life was built for this, for fucking!
I grabbed her tits while fucking her completely.
I let out a big moan and scream when I came inside her,
My fucking luck for not getting women i fuck pregnant is uncanny.
She was a virgin though which surprised me, all the blood doesn't matter to a sex crazed individual.

After that I was strolling to class like I was the shit for about a week.
I kept in contact with her and we did still fuck, I think she broke up with her boyfriend and made us "official" on social media.
I still hit on other girls and fucked them when I could.
I saw us more as fuck buddies then a relationship but she probably felt different towards it.

She had a big ass though and I took advantage of that
I decided to take her to a concert and watch a band she loves.
She already knew about my groping fetish and how much i love it when she dances on my dick.
So I asked her if she wouldn't mind dancing on me for the whole time.
I decided to take Viagra (my dumbass didn't know it was used mainly for erectile dysfunction and not to keep the dick up and going)
So we get to the concert and the music starts and she starts jiggling her ass on my dick, BY GOD, my dick was just deep in her cheeks, I came a few minutes later in my sweatpants haha, I decide to take my dick out and let her dance on it.
It felt amazing, I almost acidentally did anal on her as she elbowed my stomach when I entered my dick as deep as I could which mistakenly was right on her anus, I think it entered a little bit through her spandex and she had to go to the bathroom for a bit.
I kinda laughed at the situation but she still continued to dance on me so I was pretty happy either way.
I will say I came on her ass so many times. Her ass just had my cum everywhere, she felt it for sure but kept going, godpseed her, all my stains dried up and seeped through her ass. It was amazing honestly. One of my favorite girls I've ever went out with sexually.
Every orgasm felt amazing, as I came between her cheeks into her crack he still continued to dance which made me spurt like crazy.

So I saw her for about 2 years, of course I still had relationships out of our time together, she got considerably skinny and her ass became less phat as these 2 years went by.
I will show a picture of her at the very end of our relationship when she worked at a mall at a later time, right now i don't have the SD card it's somewhere.

So something I would do to Jessica is visit where she works, which was at a mall, and grope her and hump her as if I was a stranger. I'm pretty sure she grew to get turned on by this, very open individual sexually. Once she was talking to a customer and I saw this and just put my groin on her ass. She didn't even shake or anything, she played along while talking to the customer who was confused. She event bent down to let me feel her ass completely.
It was crazy, I do crazy things haha.

We ended up breaking up, we just sort of had sex with each other and that was it. Nothing really deep.

I may upload a picture later.

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