I was watching all those REAL vids to get amped up for an event I was attending, and man oh man, it was good with this nasty, nasty woman who gave me as much energy as I gave her.

But before her, I was doing this Asian teen with a phat, phat booty, lawd. She was wearing black Jeggings and had two young teens with her. I worked it all the way to being dick out and in between her phat Asian cheeks. When my cock slid inbetween her I thought I would cum there and then. I could see a smile on her face, she knew what I was doing. She would step back and be all in my lap, I could feel her cheeks wrapped around me shaft. Her friends knew what I was doing though, I could hear them saying ‘why’s that man so close to you’, they also asked her a few times ‘are you okay’ - real Chikans know this is code for is he touching you. She just kept saying I’m fine or he’s not close to me, while I hand my erect throbbing in her wide thick asscrack. Lord. But after only about half an hour they had to leave.

After her, I met this very very sexual woman who gave me one of my most memorable grinds ever, she was just so onto me. I saw her on the barricade and came behind her, the moment I did, her whole energy in her dancing changed, she thrust her ass (covered in a very thin Asian material) in my lap, and shook her booty up down left right again and again. Lord, I had to take a deep breath Lmao, I felt her crack squeeze my head and move it all over the place, man!

After about 5-10 minutes I had to take my cock out. But in doing so, I accidentally tugged on her long hair. She turned around, smiled at me, and faced forward, bear in mind my full length cock is out and in her booty! Lord, green light if I needed one! I put it in her and she just basically fucked me man, up down left right, back forward. This went on for like two hours there’s no point in describing the different things just know my dick was massaged in every way possible.

The most memorable was when she pushed hard onto my dick and really pressed hard onto my cock while gyrating her hips slowly left and right, my God. It’s why I called her a nasty, nasty woman Lmao because she wanted me to feel every stroke her booty gave my cock, with it twitching against her. Slowly left right up down with each cheek nestling my cock, with so much unnecessary pressure. I would look at her and she’d be smiling or playing with her hair, this woman was enjoying turning me the fuck on. She put it on me so hard, it honestly was one of the most memorable grinds I ever had.

Asian women FTW.

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