Re: Narflarf/Raves

I looked up some popular raves, then I YouTubed some video. OMG! I wish I could attend one of those, but I don’t think I could pass for being part of that crowd. But one video I saw was of a beautiful girl warning about the dangers of rampant drugs and groping. In her estimate at least 80% of the attendees, maybe more, ingest mollies. It’s a known thing to get wasted at those shows. And since they’re usually 2-3 days long you can just guess how wasted. There’s one in my neck-of-the-woods soon, but I’ll be out of town. That’s good because I’d be grumpy that whole weekend knowing what was happening and I’m not there! On another note, question: have you ever been somewhere and all of a sudden a potential target, a really good one, appears out of nowhere? OMG, I was getting coffee from my bagel shop today and a girl walks in with daisy dukes on and thighs like Brittany Spears! I almost passed out! She was inches from my crotch, leaning on the coffee counter. I circled around her several times, excusing myself each time. She said “that’s okay, you’re good”. I almost just told myself to take the chance and reach down and touch her. But I resisted the urge because the shop is owned by a friend. I was kicking myself though!

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