I know I’ve posted my reservations about my upcoming outing, but through it all I’m keeping a positive attitude. I’m still weeks away from what will probably be another of my “Weekend Bonanza’s” like years past, but I’m really hyped at the possibilities. It’s rarely failed me in the past: I’ve done this festival for over 2 decades now, and I’ve NEVER really come home disappointed. If I had 5 dollars for all the success stories from it I’d be setting pretty! A lot of nasty stories, plenty of which I’ve shared. No problems at all to mention. Some of the girls Ice nutted on I will remember until the day I die! I got one thing to say for all the naysayers: if you think this is all fantasy do this. Buy tickets to outdoor festivals featuring young rock/punk acts, and try some of the “fantasies” you read about on this board. Use whatever techniques you can find, and give it a shot. You’ll see what us okder chikans talk about. I learned from peers my own age what you can and cannot do. I’ve learned from hoes I’ve run across(paid), and hoes that I’ve met (friends of friends and acquaintances). All you have to do is get the experiences under your belt and then you’ll understand. Am I gonnabe extra careful my next timeout? Sure I am! But I still think that given the right circumstances I’ll find either a willing partner or a naive one that I can do my thang to. Happy hunting, and I will Report when the time comes!

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