First story part 2

Ok, so i had my first nut and the concert was just starting. I let the crowd move me around to get far away from the lovely teen from the first part of my story and started to look for my second victim. During the next ten minutes or so i didn't nothing, as i was still recovering from what happened a couple of minutes ago. I was thinking about leaving when i just landed behind a beautiful teen in dark leather shorts. I could have searched for another girl dressed with a more thin material, but she was really really cute so I decided that she was going to be the next one. She had blonde hair and had a really pretty face. I started to grope her ass and she never never looked back or did something that acknowledged what i was doing, so i kept grabbing her ass, going from one ass cheek to another, and resting a finger in her crack. She really had a nice ass, hard, small and with a really nice form. The best part of it was that her shorts were so short that I could grope directly part of her ass cheeks an her bare legs. After a couple of minutes I was really hard again (I took blue pills before the concert starts because it gets pretty hard to maintain my dick hard when the crowd gets crazy) so i took my dick out and started to hump her pretty ass. This time i really took my time and chikaned this girl for almost the rest of the concert. I slapped her ass with my cock and humped her in the hot-dog position. In a couple of occasions i was about to cum but I hold myself because I wanted to go really deep again but the crowd wasn't as packed as in the begining so i was waiting for a good song to get everyone packed and do my thing. So my dick was leaking precum for a couple of minutes and i carefully got the majority of it in her bare legs, but it was getting hard to containg my nut and i knew that it was a matter of minutes to reach my limit. Just in time the band started to play one of the most known songs, because everyone went crazy, so I unloaded my cock in her asscrack. This time it wasn't ass good as the last one, because she didnt had that much of a wedgie so I couldn't bury my cock like last time. Despite that it was a really good nut on a really nice ass. So after this I left more than satisfied. The only thing I regret is that I had bought an spy camera a couple of days ago and I recorded both nuts but I fucked up really bad the camera angle and you can't see a shit in the videos (I never got good enough to film my chikan adventures, there are a couplle of short videos in my xhamster profile, but none of them are that good)

surfin' in a couple of days i will upload the story of the pulled down leggings (I got tired from writing pretty fast), but I can anticipate that my inspiration to do this was this story (my favorite story on the site):

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