Re: Argiechikan

That story that you copied was hot. But I think that guy got very lucky he didn’t end up in jail. Look, we all know that we can only take it so far without putting ourselves at extreme risk. I told a story years ago of a very close encounter with trouble that I had, and it wasn’t even actually screwing like that guy apparently was doing. It was in a mosh pit, the girl was fairly young, and I was having my way with her. I got a little extreme in my actions and got carried away. I had my bare cock out and jammed against her tantalizingly smooth thighs, ass-cheeks hanging out. It was so rough in the pit that I thought no-way is she gonna notice my throbbing cock all over her. I was dead-wrong! As soon as I started shooting my months-worth Of cum on her steamy skin, she looked down and SAW my cum squirting on her! I was in such denial, such ecstasy, that I momentarily closed my eyes and when I opened them she was staring at the eye of the beast! That moment, that day, was the worst. I got outta there, through the hat away that I was wearing, along with my sunglasses, and left as fast imas I could. The look on her face told me I was gonna be on the news before the week was out. Of course that didn’t happen. But there’s no reason it couldn’t have. The look of terror on her face and her reaction (she immediately informed her friend, as she tried to wipe my cum off her thigh) told me to back away. Luckily for me, she was trying to get away from me as fast as I was getting away from her. But I didn’t know what she was gonna do next. Was she gonna tell security? I had no way of knowing and wasn’t waiting to find out. This was just a few short years ago, but technology has change drastically in that short period. If I was to do that nowshed have 2 or 3 friends all snapping pictures as I try to get away. So now I’ll not take that chance. I’ll still nutt on a bare thigh if I go about it right, but at the same time I gotta be extremely careful not to let them know it. If I get lucky and get a player, so be it. They do exist. I’m hopi g I can get mines before I get discovered.

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