Re: critichikan

I didn't get to see her face, because i was busy getting away from there. As for her body reaction, i think she went still when she felt my cock deep in her ass, but I can't say for sure, as there was a lot of movement in the crowd and i had to fight to keep my position during that moment. I think that there is a great risk in what we do, and as you say this is pretty over the line, but with time I grow bored of cumming brushing my cock in an ass and not feeling a shit so when i found that i could almost fuck teens when the band starts playing i started to do it in every occasion that i could. In spite of this, i nutted like this ten times at most and never had a problem with the police or with the girls, but only in this moment i really go overboard, during the rest of the concert i am like your average chikan unless the girl is really forgiving.
Regarding your last question, i don't know why i didn't, because certainly i could, but is one of the things i'd like to achieve as a chikan haha, I think that it is possible as long as you are in the correct place and with the correct girl. If not just look at this story

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