Groping Teen in Mall (WARNING: she may be 13 years old)

This was a few years ago after highschool.

I was craving some young teen ass, I was cruising around a mall while I spotted her. I quickly parked and followed her, she was with her brother and mother.

The idea of a grown man groping a young teen turned me on so much. They went to, you guessed it! A clothing store! As from experience it seems most women go to malls for clothes.

I followed her into an open aisle. I waited for an opportunity but it wouldn't cum. I got irritated and just said fuck it, her mother was next to her and the brother was somewhere else. I went behind her and palmed her right cheek, crack, then left cheek. It wasn't soft by it was so damn firm, feeling her curves was godly. I had to get more of her!
I repeated this for about 3 times until she finally looked my way. She quickly tried moving away from me, not even telling her mom or brother. Trying to get away from me she ended up cornering herself in a tight aisle!
I paved my own opportunity.
I got closer and closer to her, I began groping every inch of her ass. Small but sweet. My hand was glued to her booty. I looked st her face and she seemed a bit frightened. I blocked her exit so I can consume her ass.
I began letting my middle and index finger rest on her crack while my thumb on her right cheek and pinky with my right finger on her left cheek. I squeezed as hard as I could, I could hear her cute little self squirm while trying to push her self by me, as she she passed me I crouched and put my groin into her crotch while my hands were for her ass. She had to move her legs up and in odd ways to get by me, it felt great!
I can stress enough how I love groping these teens.
Totally just preference though, some readers may be disgusted by it but eh.

As she was trying to walk out the aisle I did my best to feel up her ass, squeezing and caressing every bit of her.
I gave her ass a big slap right when was exiting!
She just continued to walk away.
I just left that day. I was confident she wouldn't tell anyone.
I still get hard thinking of this.

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