First story

Hello chikan brothers! So as a few of you have encouraged to tell some of my stories i am going to try to tell some of my best experiences. I will provide as much detail as i can, in an attempt to get you to understand what i was feeling in those moments.
First, a bit of background: as you can guess, I am from Argentina. The type of girl i like the most are teens, and when there is a concert of a band that attracts this demographic, you can bet that i am going to be there. One of the best things about these concerts is that the girls you find there are usually first timers in a concert and they don't really know how to act. Because of this they tend to be really oblivious to chikaning, and you can get away with some pretty hardcore chikaning.
In this post i will talk about some concerts from last year that i still got vivid memories.
So, during last year, there were three bands that came in different ocassions that attract a lot of teens. The bands were Five seconds of summer, the vamps and R5. in the 5sos i wasn't that lucky because i didn't bought the vip tickets, but for the vamps concert i could get a vip ticket and i was surrounded during 2 hours with 99 % teens. One of the best things about this concert was that it was almost spring and the most common outfit was, jeans shorts (the type that you can see the bottom of the asscheeks), yoga pants, and to a lesser degree (but still a lot) summer dresses and skirts. During the concert i lost count of how many asses, and tits i groped. I will skip the groping part and go straight into the best part of the concert: that night i got to nut 2 times and both times were really extreme nuts. The firts nut of the night came in the first song, when the bands comes out. I have told in a previous post that in my opinion this is one of the best moments to get a really deep nut because all of the people is pushing to get closer to the stage. So the first thing i did when i arrived was to search for the cutest and slutiest dressed teen i could find. Believe me when i say that it was a tough choice because i had spotted four or five girls that could've been models wearing loose skirts. After a lot of thought i choose one with a really pretty and shy face. She was brunette with long straight hair and green eyes, and had a really slim waist and a nice ass. The best thing was that she had a loose skirt (i prefer this type before the thight ones, because during the concert you can lift them more easily and get easilly skin on skin contact) and didn't have shorts under her skirt and only a small thong covered her ass (when i am behind a girl in skirt one of the first that i do is touch them lightly to check if i can fell the thong because if she has something other than her underwear it's almost like humping a pillow...). So, once i was behind her i waited patiently until the concert started to get my first nut. I always do this in the same way and i am really adicted to it: before the main act begins, i fap slowly and get almost to the point of no return. So, when the concert starts, the people pushing gets everyone really packed and in this moment, without preamble, i bury my cock as far as i can in the crack of my victim and start to cum at full force. This is something that can't be done in every concert, and i only do this when i got a teen before me.
Now, getting back to the story, i did as i described, with the slight difference that this time i got a teen in skirt. So what i did when the first song started was, lift her skirt and then bury f my cock in her ass, all of this while fapping with one hand, and grabing her left ass cheek with the other. In a couple of seconds i was cumming really hard while she clenched with her bare ass my cock. If any of you had done this, there is a sensation of her butthole sucking the head of your cock while you press into it, and if it isn't one of the best feelings in the world, then i don't know what it is.
So after i nutted i keep my cock buried during the moment that lasted the push and when people calmed a little i got out my dick (it was clean so i all of the cum was in her asscrack, which i confirmed before moving to another area of the scenario).
Well this is the first part, and i got tired from writing, so another day i will continue with part 2.

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