Hello fellow chikans!

It's been a while since I posted a story.
I found some pictures from my high school years I snapped before I had some fun.
I use to go to malls and hangout there and slowly observe the beautiful women and teens and of course, their sweet asses.
I usually delicately pick them due to not wanting to get caught.
I'll upload these as quick as I can. These probably won't be worded or as detailed as my previous posts due to me just wanting to finally tell these stories and not wanting to take too long on these.
I hope you enjoy these

I was taking a break from searching for the perfect booty when I saw this beautiful ass pass me by. In gray sweatpants wit a nice ass and Asian. My weakness! So I tailed her, or mainly just looked at that booty move and jiggle.
Turns out she had a teen daughter, but I was more fascinated by her.

I followed her into a clothing shop I go a narrow tight aisle, I was in luck!
Her daughter decided to go to another shop and the worker was nowhere to be found so it was only me and this sweet mommy's booty.
I slowly get close to her "looking" at clothes. I begin to backhand her ass, soft and warm through her sweatpants.
I left it there for about 10 seconds until she turned her head and I quickly get my hand out of there as she looked at her butt.
I remember as a teenager I tend to take bigger risks, high risk high reward as I put it, so I went to back handing her right cheek, turned my hand and palmed the soft meat whe hald. I begin slowly squeezing her cheek as she jumps up a little in shock. She doesn't turn, she continues as if nothing happened.
I think she was hoping I'd go away but that ass was just calling to me.
I decided to palm both ass cheeks, my left hand managed to stretch to her left cheek and my right stayed on her right cheek. I was getting hard while I slowly started to massage her cheeks, going in a circle motion with both palms while squeezing every now and then.
I don't think she liked it as she looked back at me while I had a smirk then at my hands taking pleasure form her ass and looked shock and angry.
Funny thing is she just continued to look through the clothes! It's as if she felt she couldn't do anything and submitted to me.
It was so hot to me.
I took the next step and squeezed right behind her with my hard on.
I let my groin rest on her ass crack while keeping my hands on her cheeks.
She started to move more rough and fidgety I guess due to her anger but it only made her ass more sweet.
She didn't move so I started slowly humping her, pushing my dick more into her ass, slowly consuming my dick.
I let out a moan.
She still didn't do anything!

I didn't notice but her daughter came right to the next aisle. She was doing sign language to her mom, oh shit! This sexy mom is deaf and mute! She probably never met a horny teenager like me before hehe.

I think her daughter grew suspicious that I was right glued to her mom so she sort of angrily signaled to her mom to leave the store. Her daughter went ahead and I quickly unzipped my zipper so I can get the full experience.
I held her hips and right as I was motioning my hips to hump she came to a stop! A whole group of family was crossing by the aisle blocking the exit!
My dick sank DEEP into her crack! I just gasped from the pleasure! Her cheeks squeezing my incoming dick, I couldn't hold back! The warmth, the softness of her crack was too much for me to hold back!
I started cumming in her ass crack. I was looking down while my dick was spurting my pleasures, my huge cum stain in the middle of her ass.
It was a sight to behold! This mild had her crack filled with my sperm!

Just a wonderful for my chikan self.

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