Re: Buster

I agree with Buster on that. The MeToo movement is mainly pointing fingers at bigwigs in Hollywood using their clout and egos to "take advantage" of women. Gropers like us go relatively unnoticed for the most part. Harvey Weinstein and the like are the Apple Company while we're fry cooks working at McDonald's. The company we "work" for may be corrupt too, but it's a small fish compared to them if you catch my drift.

And the part about the board being slow is likely due to it being festival season taking over concerts. I can barely find a concert going on at any of my usual venues right now, and festivals are far and few around me on top of being way more expensive.

Plus I'm going to have to stay low for a while at my favorite spot since they found my hidden cam on me when I was trying to get in one day. No big altercations, just left and hit another spot, but that place is legendary to me, it has just the right amount of darkness to get around unnoticed and was just the right size so that on a decent night capacity would have you in "chikan range" trying to navigate through the club. Going there is pretty much a guaranteed nut for me since the conditions are so optimal. No where else has ever come close so far.

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