You’re paranoid.

People are still as naive as ever. Had my hand in a crack for 2 seconds and my dick in ones ass for 10 seconds. No fuss was made no bad blood. No one wants to believe they are being molested. The metoo movement was a fail. Except for a big names pointing the finger at one man Harvey Weinstein the rest accused have gotten off virtually scot free minus there reputation. You have to realize that people like us in this hobby are hit, but I think you have greatly over exaggerated the success of the movement and winning over the layman. We follow the story because groping is our life, the rest of the world is turning a blind eye and even in Hollywood they point the finger at a few famous people then wipe their greasy hands grinning in satisfaction while being groped in a crowd of paparazzi. No ones doing shit. Groping in the workplace and Hollywood has been diminished, but best believe people in power will find ways to work around this diminishment.

The board is not dead just slow. Our hobby is extremely lowkey and many of us haven’t even told half of the experiences we’ve had either because they are too dirty or it was so short we couldn’t even flip it to a story worth reading. Plus outside of our hobby we have lives, so that’s a thing. Maybe say or show something interesting to speed things up. Gonna drop a story tomorrow I would if you also join in. Creepshot or a gripe story or vid. The Vid board on here has some gems and is pretty active, but camera work gets abit shaky (understatement of the year.)

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