Warped Tour Cum

Recently came from Warped Tour. Wasn't as eventful as I would have liked it to be, since so many people were crowd-surfing that it became hard to focus. Like I would be up against a girl only for some asshole to be surfed right on my head, which would in turn disrupt everyone near me including the girl who would all band together to try and push the surfer towards the front of the stage.

But I was going to get my nut regardless. After all the brief ass grabs and gropes, some popular band came on and luckily I was in the center of the crowd when it got condensed and this blond and her brunette friend wearing these thin shorts got in front of me. The brunette had a nice ass, and her shorts were sucked into her asscrack underneath her backpack. The material of her shorts were nice and thin, which was great as I thought they were jean shorts at first.

The band played a popular song and the crowd went wild. Brunette was shaking her ass with my dick resting on her ass cheek, and every time she wiggled back and forth my head started to get buried inside of her crack. I could tell she wasn't wearing panties as my dick started prying apart her pussy lips a bit. Jumping up and down she started bouncing on my dick, then hunched over to talk to her friend, to which I pulled out and let loose my load over her ass cheek. I even got a few squirts on her backpack too. Every weekend I still get the itch to go to a concert or club and grope. Being horny, bored, and single makes it all the more tempting imo.

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