re surfin

First of all sorry for my super late report. I didn't wrote a story because there was nothing really good to tell. It was a Niall Horan concert so i had my hopes really up for a nut in a teen ass. The thing was that not only the day was cold but also it was raining so the place was full of teens, all of them with jeans and coats. furthermore, there was an order from the organizers to prevent that the people get really packed in the front of the stage, so there was security staff all around, which as you can guess complicated more the situation.
In spite of this, i got to nut in a teen ass (i had to lift her coat to reach her ass) you can see the video here (sorry, i didn't getr to record the cumshot):

So basically that was it, i was surrounded by lots of gorgeus teens but i couldn't do much...
I am waiting for spring/summer where you can get the most extreme nuts in this kind of concerts (i have lots of stories in summer concerts, the kind that you won't believe until they happen to you, but as you can see my english is so bad that it wouldn't do them justice)

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