Pay To Play

On the subject of “paying”, I’ll share this...
Back when I had just gone through a 5 year relationship that turned out to be with a real bitch, I decided to do without a relationship for a few years. Those years turned out to be golden. I hit the beaches, the Strip clubs, concerts. If there was a gathering I was on it! When I couldn’t get enough cumin’ that way, I’d cruise the streets and get a street walker. Nowadays, crackheads and addicts are disgusting. But I’ll tell you this: back when crack addiction was just getting widespread you could find some recently sprung hoes that were the bomb! I had plenty that were just on their way down. Now, in hindsight, I feel bad that I contributed to their downward spiral. They had a problem that turned out bigger over time than I think we coulda ever imagined. It turned out to be horrible for the community, the Nation. But while it was getting going I was in a bit of a spiral myself. I knew I had an addiction of my own. I loved to nutt-and the girls I often picked up were diamonds-in-the-rough. I had some very memorable ones. Several in particular were simply amazing! Some were not crackheads at all- they just needed money, but they had to compete with the low price of crackheads.
I remember one in particular. She was one of the youngest I ever picked up on the street. Must’ve been 16 or 17 (I was then in my mid 20’s). This girl was one of the prettiest, smoothie-skinned, caramel-colored Black girls you could ever dream of! It was raining that night, and there were not many cars on the street. No cops, very little activity. She looked like she had just snuck out the house to see if she could make some money real quick. She was nervous, and so was I. But she had on a short dress- the toned legs on this girl-whew!!! I told her I couldn’t believe she was out her. She agreed and said to please not get caught. So I found a real good spot to do my thing with her. I told her I wanted to just cum on her skin, and she was fine with that. Delighted that I wasn’t gonna ask her to fuck. I was hard before she even got in the car good. Once I started feeling her up, I told her I wanted to kiss her thighs. But I took it just a little further. I was gently biting the inside of her knee, and it sent her over the edge! She kept saying that it felt so good that she wanted me to eat her! HELL-TO-THE-NO on that girlfriend! But I picked up on how I was driving her mad with what I was doing- rubbing my dick all on the inside of one thigh, then kissing and gently biting the other one, and listening to her moan! I did that until I could not take any more, then sprayed all over her milky smooth skin! That was just one of probably 100’s of encounters with street walkers. I did that for a few years, never catching anything because the only fluids being exchanged were mines- on their bodies. Eventually I just started sticking to venues, giving up the street-thing and the clubs. One I got married and had kids I scaled back even further. Now it’s just a few festivals a year. But it was fun way back when!

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