Re: BigFootBum

I agree with you wholeheartedly on that. Women, mainly American women are growing increasingly entitled and vain. For men nowadays relationships are more risk than reward so it's hardly worth the effort for sex. I find it easier to get my rocks off groping at concerts (live music and busting a nut, 2 for 1!) or going to a hooker or massage parlor. Best deal I've gotten is head & sex with a hooker for only $20, and a handjob from a mixed Indian/Puerto Rican masseuse for only $30.

It was a slow day at the parlor I guess, and she was desperate for a customer. Her boss was out for a little while and I convinced her to just skip the massage and jerk me off. Seeing as how the house fee is $60 alone without tip I made out like a bandit!

But other than grinding on vapid club sluts many of these girls repulse me with how their crap.

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