Nobody talks about why we chikan

I’m new to this board but been reading for years. I got a question: why don’t we ever talk about why we do what we do? I’ll tell you how I started in case anybody wonders why. I was in 4th grade and I didn’t know anything about sex. It was a inner city school and it was violent. I was a quiet kid and didn’t know anything about sex. One day a teacher got distracted and left the class unattended. Soon as she left I saw a guy pen a girl that was bent over the desk (I think she initiated it) humping a girl. I saw his hard penis grinding into the girl, and she wasn’t resisting it. It made my dick hard watching. This happened every time the teacher left the room. Pretty soon I thought it was normal. It excited me and I started looking for ways to do it too. I never knew what it was called but I kept looking for opportunities to grind my dick without the girl knowing. Over the years I found plenty of ways to do it. Next thing I found this site. I love it!

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