Current Chikan Crisis At Large / Re: Guestz (Rant))

Guests I feel you, I have illicited bitches on the blade many of times just for chikan (and a little mouth play too) and I'm NOT ashamed to say it for several reasons; one I'm not the most handsome dude in the world neither am I the ugliest though or really considered ugly, average I would say the least meaning I'm not Tyson Beckford or Brad Pitt where skanks throw themselves at me for my looks .. and I'm a tad bit of a realist, a loner, anti-social due to my justifiable reasons therefore I am sometimes shy to engage girls but overall I do not feel that I have to sweet talk and change my personality or mold it to their standards of acceptance just to obtain a girlfriend and sex.
Plenty of times have I went to the club and pulled and fucked drunk bitches since it's easier since their inner inhibition is gamely out there, but not many times have I engaged in serious relationships or even small talk macking resulting in getting the box from these hoe-sluts here in America.
My best times of getting pussy was girls coming to me drunk in the club, dancing, light "making out" and taking it back to their place or the telly. Not me having a girlfriend who I cater to and have to spend money on just to get obediance, affection and pussy.
I know women are inferior to men in every facet, so I feel that pussy should be handed to you in America since American women are very ill moral and have false sense of inflated self esteem to begin with so therefore - I purchase broads for my PLEASURE and their mind, body & time for my chikan activities plenty of times to avoid catching a case slapping the shit out of a bitch if she expects me to spend $80 on some dinner date just to get her snatch that's not even virgin...smhlol, and again I'm not ashamed to say it, that I have paid and will pay again likely in the future.
Like as you said Guestz... you're paying for these bitches regardless whether they are you're woman, a escort, a street walker or a desperate bitch in need of money so me spending a minimum (because I do have a financial limit with these whores) is NOTHING to me as long as they do as I say to satisfy my pleasurous desires.

The highest that I have spent chikaning a women, both of us bare naked, skin to skin contact has been $30 and if I got head, tit-fuck, chikan - assjob, oral sex and cum on the bitches I have spent $60 as my highest.
I have had females demand more but I just move on after I tell them I won't be able to afford the room if I pay any more and they still don't consent. Hah, ...what one desperate thirsty whore won't do another desperate famished whore will, sometimes even BETTER looking if you're lucky. 👍🏽

And don't get it CONFUSED fellow Chikans, I have and will continue and will continue to endorse brothers to get out there and chikan successfully as I have myriads of times.
I remember my first chikan nut on the back of a corporate American older caucasian pawg mild with a phat ass booty. And I remember my 1st nutting on bitches nice round cakes raw at a edm concert festival some years ago in my late teens.
Chikaning isn't impossible obvious, it's just gotten more restricted and difficult with these whores and their inflated flacid ass egos when really at the end of the day their deepest darkest desires is to be dominated sexually and humiliated sexually in such a manner that us bold weewee out chikan extraordinaires have dont before... I mean females are females, they're naturally supposed to be feminine and submissive, the receiver and the dominated, men we're supposed to be the exact opposite.
Well any way, this has been my rant since Guestz hit my mental light switch when it comes to my pysnopsis on the current chikan crisis caused mainly by bitches in America today.

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