Re: P.S. Easy Rider

Truth is Easy Rider: im just a nasty mofo! I love seeing my effin cum ON these slutz. I used to pay some of these bitches to let me cum on them and rub it into their skin. That’s what I did. It’s what I like doing at these damn festivals. Truth is what I’m saying. Back then if I paid a bitch that was trying to make money, whatever, I didn’t care what they thought. If I went to a festival and found a slut that let me do it, whatever. I’m just what I am. I’m not gonna trap a target and make her feel uncomfortable to do it, at least not now. But this I admit: I like knowing my seed is on these targets beautiful skin, period. I go to outings to do this. I will put it in that ass, or on those thighs. If I ever get desperate to do it, I may even pay. I’ve gone to massage parlors, gotten massages, and then paid for happy endings on their thighs. It’s safe “sex”, (if you want to call it sex) and I get my jollies offaand they know that they turn me on. I could care less what anybody’s else thinks.

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