Re: Easy Rider question.

To answer your question, it was neither. Long story short, this girl was a friend of a friend. She was starting to struggle with an addiction but didn’t want to be walking the streets not working as a call girl. What she did was tell her close male friends that she’d do things for money. She only did a few she thought she could trust. It wasn’t for a very long time but she made money to keep her thing going. Did it out of her own house, which made it comfortable for you. I wasn’t about to screw her, but I did get her to suck it a few times. But what got me was How beautiful her skin and body was. She had an average face, but from the neck down you couldn’t believe she was doing this shit! So I “visited” her several times, and I would always finish on her thighs, sometimes her back, and once between her titties! I apologized to her for making such a mess on her, but told her I loved cumming on her. She told me then that I shouldn’t be ashamed and that she thought it was sexy. When I was single for a few years after a long, drawn out relationship I just resorted to those types of situations. To me it didn’t matter. You pay one way or another anyway.

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