OLd vids

Found some older vids of myself, the camera angles tend to get better as the video goes on.

This white teen was delicious, I was on her for like almost 2 hours, when I moved onto her friend, she moved her thigh right onto my dick, from the point I must’ve been on her so hard I was in between her Lmao, it was the complete green light I needed. I think around 3 minutes you see her bouncing it on me, when she did this with my dick out, good God.

This teen, and all her friends knew my hard cock was up her ass lol, but she was into it so kept sitting it on my lap, pretty sure I was in her ass for two hours too:

This was just a good, consensual hump for a few hours, nothing out of the ordinary, just a regular good bit of chikan with a player. She did play a little game with me though, every time she heard me talking to this other player I was with, she would starting shifting the weight of her fat ass from left to right or up and down, making it hard for me to concentrate on speaking Lmao - I swear I ain’t imagining things!:

All this nostalgia is making me want to start recording again

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