Re: Big T

The L.A. Masher reminds me of a guy we caught years ago in a Walmart I was in. We heard a woman (white) scream for help, then she pointed to this Black guy, who looked confused because had didn’t expect her reaction. He had done exactly as this guy is accused of doing. He waited until she was bent over her art then grabbed her by the hips and rubbed his tool into her furiously! Everybody had him cornered so the police could have time to get there. It took a twist then: before the manager called the cops the woman starts feeling sorry for the guy! She says, “I don’t want to see him get in trouble”, so they let him go and told him never come back to that store! Standing around talking to some of the female employees, I heard one say that she didn’t “understand what the big fuss was about, anyway. It happens all the time!” It was one of those moments that I got some valuable info from woman that most of the time they don’t discuss. Like another time I paid a hooker just to let me cum on her beautiful bare thigh, and she told me she thought that was “sexy as hell”, me busting my nutt on her like that. I see post on here wondering about why mofo’s bust on thighs and arms and shit. But do some research-some women find that a big turn-on, that a guy wants his seed on their body. They see it as a complement!

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