Re: Guestz

To wit, I agree that once a target exhibits signs of discomfort, it's indeed best curtail the pursuit. But, I also believe that in the current environment, it's prudent to occasionally respond to demonstrable bias. Examples of demonstrable bias - the sideways glance, The gripping/shifting of a bag, shifting the torso to turn slightly toward your direction in an effort to watch your actions (supposedly) discretely. Those times I choose to respond isn't at the targeted stage, but at the assessment stage. Essentially, I've yet to make any kind of move and am merely lingering by.

Having someone else "speak" for you isn't limited to a linguistic exchange. Certain actions convey messages. That's explains why your dog looks at your face while defecating - the expressions of your face, particularly the eyes, represent a powerful messaging tool to dogs. That non-verbal communication is just as effective between humans.

An adage I learned as a younger man: "Speak up for yourself. Otherwise, someone else will do it for you."

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