Bro, the fact this apparent anxiety strikes during the DAYtime with dozens of other pairs of eyes around is what kills me! Single men are guilty before innocent. Oh, but if you're a single man of color....may as well go find a rock to hide under. We're social misfits and outcasts. Moreso if you're a single man of a certain age.

There have been occasions where I've spoken up. I tend to use a bit of snark...."A lot of anxiety around here now", "Oh, I see I'm near Nervous Nellie", "Oh dear, let me move on!"

I've also been pretty direct at times. Once, a white women made it so obvious - busily checking, adjusting, then readjusting her backpack - that I tapped her on the shoulder and said, "Excuse me. I don't want your bag." She stammered a response, but she had cast the die.

Tis unfortunate the passing of judgment without a word being spoken.

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