Re: #MeToo#

Okay fellas, this is my suggestion: Try to find venues and hotspots that will be attended/frequented by the younger set. I’m personally not into them younger that legal age, so I tend to go for the 17-21 crowd. The festival I’m targeting soon seems to be teens to mid twenties. When you get older than that they are much more aware of what’s probing them. These crowds are now very complicated to figure out. I know Shoges targets the college/club type, usually in bars. That crowd is good because they are definitely drinking and may even be popping pills or ecstasy, or whatever they experiment with. The younger ones 17, 18-21, a lot of them are still green to crowds and what happens in packed situations. You have a better chance of them not knowing what is going on and not overreacting. Anything over late 20’s and into the 30’s, forget it for the most part. They have been there, done that. If you find a player that age then you’ll hit paydirt. But look for the younger crowds and try to make the venues work for you.

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