#Metoo# has increased awareness

The number of women that I've encountered over the past year that openly suspect my presence is astounding. This has occurred with both individuals and women in duos/trios.

The trios tend to be the most mouthy. When one member spost that sssttrrange man behind them, she will openly signal verbally - within earshot - to their counterparts, "there's a man behind you."

I can stand up to five feet behind some random chick and get "the look".

Recently, I lined up a couple of foreign potentials. Got to within three feet to the right of one. Friend to her left spotted me, than began assisting her partner adjust the zippers on her bag.

So being patently aware of what was transpiring, I went ahead and moved right behind the friend on the right. Had a very nice ass - but I knew I was gettin' it. Sure enough, once they realized I was lined up right behind, you should've seen the furrowed brows, glances at the position of my hands, glances at my crotch.

Friend on the right decides to remove her backpack and places it in front of her across the chest.

Since I'm now annoyed, I decide annoy them by parroting. So, I remove my backpack and place it in front of me and across my chest. To add to the effect, I place a very obvious smirk across my face while they look.

After mumbling a few words to each other in their language, they leave. We part with my mumbling "bitches" in their wake. Don't know if they reacted.

So, yeah, a different time now. Expect to scrutinized if ou're lurking in the back, or approach from the rear too quickly.

Am I glad I manage to do the bulk of my work from the front!

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