Chikan street beef, L.A. style

Speaking of getting rocks off....

Over the years I've witnessed several cases of "trespass" - riders tussling over potential action. Most of the time it's merely pushing and shoving, though I've seen some mighty violent shoves to send a clear message.

Recently, it really boiled over. Several riders had gathered near one particular rider who was having his way with a woman. Physically, she wasn't all that remarkable. But she was definitely up to the much so that it was clearly visible what was happening - and what was going to happen ;)

After a few minutes, Rider #1 got his release. Rider #2 was immediately to Rider 1s' right (actually shoulder-to-shoulder with the woman). Rider #3 was lined up behind Rider #1, ready to assume the position.

As Rider #1 turned away to disappear into the night, Rider's 2 and 3 pounced. And boy did the faux sumo begin! Each rider attempting to gain leverage with shoulders, legs and feet.

No more than five minutes had passed, when - one big shove, a retaliatory shove back, more jostling with legs and feet. Then, Rider #3 lets off a right to the face of Rider #2. A fairly solid strike that momentarily stunned Rider #2.

Ah, but after a few seconds, Rider #2 was rearing to go. However, a couple of other riders intervened before things really got out of hand.

Well unfortunately, Rider #3 somehow became unrestrained while Rider #2 remained restrained. Then shit hit the fan when Rider #2 reached into his backpack to obtain a can of mace. Rider #2 was maced something big time. Another rider was inadvertently maced.

Now if this ish is going to the level of fisticuffs, and you're instigating the ish, be man enough to finish it like you started it. It's one thing to cold cock, but a low ass stoop to resort to bush league shit while your combatant is being restrained.

Rider #2 po'ed two dudes and it probably won't be a good outcome for him.

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