Re: Narflarf

Concerning this #Metoo# movement. I cannot say it with enough conviction, but y’all need to step up the technique of the game! It’s gonna take some much harder work to get our deeds done so w can go home (safely) after a hard day’s work! I know some of the things I’ve said in the past about it being easy. But I’m thinking long and hard now about the outing I’m looking forward to. I’m thinking that some of what I do I may have to postpone until the later hours, when the targets are good and drunk and the crowds get tighter and tighter. Most times when I hit these big festivals I am so pumped that I start-in on my activity immediately, almost carelessly, thinking its been so long I gotta get it all right away. I remember one outing several years ago, where I had unheard of success (IMO), and wished I had two semesters of arms and 3 or 4 dicks! Haha! I was going at it pretty good. But I’m thinking now, at least until I’m in the thick of it, I better lower my expectations and deal with it with a much leveler head (both of ‘em). I’ve noticed on some blogs that the girls are sticking together in larger groups, going with males, etc. All that could cause problems. But then again, as I’ve said before, it could lead to some of the best experiences ever. It’s happened before. But be careful and don’t ASSume anything in this day and age. Be prepared to go home with blue balls if you have to!

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